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Handmade Salt & Sugar scrubs available from @aura_edinburgh 💕


"Soothing" contains grapeseed to nourish, himalayan salts to buff the skin plus rose & lavender to calm the mind.



"Uplifting" contains grapeseed to nourish, white sugar to exfoliate the skin plus lemon & grapefruit to detoxify and re-energise. 🍋🍊


£7.99 for our 150ml Jar. Bring your cleaned jars back for a refill and receive a £1 discount on your next scrub purchase.


You will also receive complementary bath salts with every purchase. Use these in a bath for a full body pamper or in a foot soak to soften the skin and aid relaxation.


Enjoy smooth & hydrated skin all year round!


The scrubs are designed to last for 8 full body scrubs, Steph will make you aware of how to use them for optimum results!


Contact us to reserve yours or pick up from @aura_edinburgh at your next appointment.

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